A Life Update!

Wedding Stuff

As a lady, I am required to blog about this, right? We set a date (May 30, 2015). We booked the church, and the reception hall. We booked the DJ, and the photographer. We secured our bridal party. We figured out the honeymoon. So now, I am putting my feet up and not doing much of anything for a while.

(Unless there’s something I should be doing even though the wedding is over a year away. Tell me if there is.)

Here is the venue. Exposed brick!

Here is the venue. Exposed brick! It is bigger than this photo makes it seem.

Also, we decided to have wedding pie instead of wedding cake. Obviously this decision needed to be made right now. Everyone should go to Bingham’s in northeastern Pennsylvania and try the Fruits of the Forest pie ASAP. They don’t deliver, so we will need to pick up the pies ourselves, somehow, and get them to the venue, somehow, but PIE, guys. THE BEST PIE IN THE WORLD. Worth it.

ALL THE BERRIES + Apples + Rhubarb

ALL THE BERRIES + Apples + Rhubarb

Saint Douglas Day

The annual celebration of Bruce Springsteen was a blast, as always. The Boss did not show up, despite our multiple attempts to contact him. Sad, but our party lives to see another year!

And our wonderful friends got us this amazing cardboard cutout, and terrifying cake with a photo of us with our faces switched printed upon it.


Top: Good use of Photoshop. Bottom: Horrifying use of Photoshop.


St. Patrick's Day in D.C.

St. Patrick’s Day in D.C.

Last weekend in Philly. IT'S A LIBERTY BELL-FIE. GET IT? GET IT?

Last weekend in Philly. IT’S A LIBERTY BELL-FIE. GET IT? GET IT?


I am doing quite a bit of it. Goal race comin’.

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Race Recap: West End St. Patrick’s 5K 2014

If Syracuse hadn’t lost to Dayton Saturday, I might have consumed less beer and cheese the night before my race. And if I had consumed less beer and cheese the night before my race, I might have run a 5K PR.

Instead, I consumed a great deal of beer and cheese Saturday night and still ran a 20:22 (10 seconds slower than my PR) on Sunday. I regret nothing.


Photo via lehighvalleylive.com.

This is a fun race because I can walk/jog to the start. It’s not totally flat, but the “hills” are ones I run on every time I run from the house, which is often.

I paced myself really well, with each mile slightly faster than the last. And I won my age group (and was fifth lady overall). I will take it!

Most running calculators say that the 5K times I can run are those of a 3:15-3:20 marathoner. Lolz. I hope working with my coach can help me at least get closer to that. I hope I am not just destined to succeed at 5Ks at the expense of all longer distances. (Although I am kind of excited to be succeeding at 5Ks. I never thought I’d be able to go sub-20 and I definitely think that’s within reach, with proper training.)

And here’s an awkward photo of only my legs, courtesy of that same local news site’s slideshow:


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Race Recap: Run for Youth 10-Miler 2014

At last! A race! I’ve been quietly toiling away with my coach for the last 2.5 months, and I finally had a chance to test my progress Saturday.

This was less a “race,” more a “run with some other people that I paid $20 to do.” Yeah — only $20! It’s amazing how much cheaper races are when the roads aren’t closed. (Closed roads are important for most races. There were very few cars on this course. Still, it made me a bit nervous.)

So, what you really came here to find out: I finished in 1:15:57 (7:36 pace), which is about a five-minute 10-miler PR. (Full disclosure: I’ve run three other 10-milers in my life, two of them during my Run Less, Eat More college years.) Full results

Here’s an out-of-focus picture of me getting my 1st place age group GOLD MEDAL.*

1959330_602857709795607_1465556867_n(There was a woman on the course taking photos during my triumphant three-mile surge towards the finish — I paced myself a little too well, perhaps — but hers were not in the album I found.)

(This woman also told me to “pick it up” because a guy I had just passed was “right behind me.” Does this kind of encouragement bother anyone else? I’m obviously not racing against this guy — he’s a dude, so he’s not in my age group — so what does it really matter if he passes me? I guess I’m just not adequately competitive.)

I was kind of bummed that I didn’t manage to at least match my PR half-marathon pace, but it was like 15 degrees outside and the course was pretty challenging, okay?

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 5.51.14 PM

I was NOT kind of bummed about the postrace spread, which included a giant box of soft pretzels. I may have had more than my share of those while waiting for awards.

In conclusion, this was a pretty strong effort that makes me excited about how my training is going.

*I now reserve the right to tell everyone who will listen that I am a gold medalist. Okay? Okay.

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Things That Happened in January

A recap!

Paul and I got engaged! I actually wrote a whole post about this, never published it, and now it feels too late. Here is the CliffsNotes™ version:

Who: Me and Paul
What: Got engaged
Where: Cove Beach in Cape May, New Jersey
When: Friday, January 10, after work
Why: Because we love each other
How: He surprised me with a ring, and then we spent the weekend at Congress Hall

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 5.21.34 PM

I went on The Ski Trip to Vermont. Paul finally talked me into joining in the trip’s fourth year. A lot of things went wrong–there wasn’t much snow (for Vermont), there weren’t a lot of degrees (-8 when we arrived in Killington to ski, 3 when we left), the trail I really wanted to ski was closed–but I didn’t seriously hurt myself. (I did get a nasty bruise in a place that would have hurt a lot more if I were a dude. But, no broken bones or torn ligaments. Win!)


I got a stomach bug. One of the things that went wrong in Vermont is that half the people there got sick at some point during or shortly after the trip. One of those people was me. I had a three-mile running week, thanks to the skiing and the sickness. Womp.

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Two Quick Things

1. I updated the look of my blog a little bit. (Fans of “Remember the H,” I’m sorry: I opted to change my blog title to my name.)

2. I ran in 5-degree weather. “RealFeel Index: Being embedded in a glacier,” per my running buddy Cait. Check out my duds:


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