My Good Weekends Are Inspired by My Funny Coffee Mug

Coffee is something we all love. Each person drinks it and thinks about things. Coffee is available to drink all over the world. Its funny how it exist and nobody really recognizes how much it spreads. People buy mugs for it to express how they feel about their coffee.

Me and my husband are the same way. We go about our daily lives and find ourselves drinking it. We love drinking it and buying mugs that express us. We love the way they show people where we been and where we are going. I been to many places and I have learned many things. I got a coffee mug for each place I went to. I love to travel. It shows me something new about myself and teaches me why I decided to do what I do.

You should not be afraid to buy a coffee mug that inspires you. Buy one that comes from Germany or buy one that has a crazy design. Get one for the weekend nights or late days. Maybe you should get one that is simple to remind you of a friend. A coffee mug is a representation of you. You shouldn’t hide from who you really are. If you find yourself funny, then get a funny coffee mug. Be someone that is authentic in the eyes of others. Show people that your coffee mug is the real you.

Its nice hearing what people say about your coffee mug. It reminds you of who you are and lets people know more about you. The words often inspire you to do things. Things you would not normally do if you didn’t have that coffee mug. The coffee mug is not just something you use to drink coffee. It is something that tells the people who want to meet you who you are. You got to tell people that you are someone or trying to be someone.

Let your coffee mug inspire you to be whatever you want to be. Don’t hide from yourself or pretend you are something you are not. I use to be like that and it got me no where. I was afraid of myself or running from my self once. Trying to please everyone the best way I could. That is no way to live your life. You got to get a coffee mug that tells people you are something. A something that is more then just an average joe that goes to work.

Coffee gives me and my husband energy. I think you should remember what coffee is for. Its for giving you energy when you don’t have any. Its for making you happy when you hear bad news. Its for pushing you to do something when you feel like you can not do it. You got to pick a coffee mug that puts you back on in your mode. The mode where you can be whatever you want or do whatever you want. Let your coffee be you and you be what you feel you should be.

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