What Is the Best Sleeping Position for a Baby with Reflux
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What Is the Best Sleeping Position for a Baby with Reflux?

Sleep is a cure for most unexplained situations. Improper sleep can lead to even unexpected weight loss, loss of hunger, hallucinations even in grown-up adults. Gastrointestinal reflux or acidity, as we commonly refer it to, is most experienced with a feeling of irritation in the oesophageal area, burning sensation near the upper abdomen.

When it is easy for an adult to experience and take medications, it important to identify such refluxes in a newborn. A child during the lactation period experiences acidic refluxes. As an adult, we experience acidic refluxes in various situations like when we travel long distances. On the days of fasting, when we eat spicy foods on an empty stomach.

Having milk foods, being allergic to certain dairy foods. Whereas a child or newborn experiences the same when the food the child takes gets backed up. As a result, the baby ends up vomiting, spitting the food. Even in newborn children, this happens. So in such cases you can shoose a best baby swing for reflux babies. There are various models of best baby swings for reflux babies in the market. So choose the right and best choice for your baby. Click here for the clearest detail of reflux swing baby products

Reasons for reflux in children

With newborn children, we consider oesophageal reflux less serious. Because this could result from an excess of feeding, holding the child in an unbalanced position. But such refluxes may be serious if it continues after 18 months of age in children.

On average, a newborn of 4 months age is said to experience the maximum reflux, and almost by 7 months, we say the effects to subside slowly. In newborn babies, reflux happens frequently because of an improperly developed digestive system. Indigestion becomes a major reason because of which the baby frequently found spitting up the milk that it had just had.

This can see even in healthy babies too. Because of the poorly developed Oesophageal layers, we find the baby to experience frequent hiccups, frequent cough, and even sneezing and wheezing. This leads to disturbed sleep for infants. Sometimes the baby behaves even irritated after feeds. When overfeeding causes reflux even poor feeding also contributes to it.

Having discussed the reasons for reflux, it is important to discuss the points to prevent the same. Newmomplus.com offers certain tips to guide the new mothers and helps them decide on what to do in certain situations.

What you can do to help a baby with reflux?

A new mother will always opt for natural remedies for her baby. We discuss here natural methods of treatment for an infant. The indigestion of the child is to be treated immediately else it may lead to constant irritation and sleeplessness.


The most effective solution to cure reflux is breastfeeding. Natural breastfeeding serves as the best and easily digested food for infants.  With alternate feed for the infants, newmomplus.com advice taking consultation from the doctor to treat reflux in an infant.

The feeding positions of the kid also matter a lot. The child’s head must be above its belly while feeding. We always suggest a sitting position best for the child while having a food intake.

Some mothers are feeding their kids in a sleeping position. This is to be avoided. They feel sleepy after their long sleepless nights. Place your child in a laying position close to the mother’s breast while sucking milk.

If you opt for a formula feed for your infant, look for a pillow for feeding wherein the head position is placed above its throat and belly. Also, with formula feed, some doctors even suggest the addition of cereals in their milk formula to make it easier for digestion, and this is also said to make the baby feel fuller and reduces the number of feeds too.

Post feeding, we instruct the mother to lift the child from the sitting position onto their shoulders and its best soft to pat at the back of the child until the child burps. This shows that the child is full, and it reduces the vomiting or coughs because of reflux.

Make sure that the movement of the baby after feeding is minimal. Playing or unwanted physical transportation of the kid is to minimize after the feed.

What Is the Best Sleeping Position for a Baby with Reflux1

Mother’s diet

One most important factor which we take for granted is the mother’s diet. Newmomplus.com offers the best solution for the feeding mother’s diet. Even certain vegetables like cabbage, potato, yam, and some dairy products induce gas formation in kids during feeding.

Notice the diapers and napkins of the infants. Tight diapers also could be a reason for the child to feel heavy and burp too quickly.

Gripe waters are also a natural method with a combination of various herbs which soothes the underdeveloped oesophageal lining of the kid.

Right sleeping position for a reflux baby

Handling a baby’s position is said to reduce the effects of reflux. The safest and the best sleeping position for a baby with reflux is sleeping on its back. Most people hear a lot of myths about this position of sleep. But newmomplus offers a solution to all these unproven myths in favor of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).

As per AAP, the short esophagus of the infants needs to take care of until the age till the child can sit up on its own. An infant placed on its stomach is more prone to reflux vomits and choking the food than the one on its sleeping position. After the feed, it is important to hold the baby erect until it burps by itself or a gentle pat on the baby’s back will help it burp naturally, avoiding the effects of reflux.


To conclude providing a proper sleeping environment for the baby is highly precious and important for the baby’s development. A proper sleeping position makes it crucial for an infant post-feeding. Avoid bumping seats, swings, bouncing car seats, and even bouncing toys immediately after the feed. Inclined sleeping positions make it difficult for the infant to breathe, resulting in suffocation.

It would surprise to know that even gadgets add up to acidic reflux in infants. Heavy noise which distracts the kids from a night of proper sleep. Too much lighting or kids prone to gadgets also experiences refluxes to a certain level. Keep the child and the mother from too noisy gadgets, because Sleep serves as a cure to almost as many untold situations. Not to mention, Noise is the greatest pollutant of all times.